Advanced Stretch Film 20μm, 250mm, Clear, 150% elongation

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Product code 803426

Designed for semi automatic pallet wrapping machines with elongation capability up to 150%, ideally suited for the Sigma wrapping range with no power pre-stretch device for more difficult pallet loads.

Our LLDPE stretch film provides: cost-effectiveness and consumption optimization, high stiffness, extreme durability, outstanding holding force, increased pallet stability, optical clarity.

Thickness (µm)20.00
Width (mm)250.00
ClingNormal cling
Elongation (%)150
Resistance to perforation (g)116

Roll parameters

Roll weight (kg)8.120
Core weight (kg)0.8
Roll length (m)1600


Pallet (cm)120x80
Rolls per pallet (pcs)90
Layer on pallet6
Stacking is possible?No
Gross pallet weight (t)0.731
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