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Sigma Stretch Film of Europe delivers premium Load Security Solutions for Transit Packaging, through a competent team of experts around the world and a versatile range of high-quality Stretch Film, manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities of Karczew plant in Poland. Innovation, Performance and Efficiency are key characteristics, well implemented in the brand’s identity, ensuring Sigma is the right partner for bringing and maintaining optimized results in industrial applications within various markets, driving sustainable value creation for its customers.



Sigma Stretch Film of Europe offers a complete range of quality stretch films, designed to meet different applications and requirements. Our films are engineered to minimize your packaging costs while retaining a secure, high quality wrapping.



Through investment in modern production lines in Karczew plant, incorporating the latest cast extrusion technological developments with complete automatic palletization and using the most advanced raw materials in partnership with the largest petrochemical groups, we are able to offer consistently top quality stretch film for your specific needs.

A versatile range of products has been developed to be as close as possible to your needs by application and industrial sector, while our team of experts throughout Europe will be able to support you effectively on-site.

Focused on various logistics applications with premium, light and strong, OptiLogic stretch film range or standard manual films, available in various formats.

For semi-auto and automatics wrappers from standard to premium power pre-stretch for the food and beverage sector.

Premium customized film recipes for demanding applications in the industrial sector.

A variety of options is available on request for different dimensions (from 250mm to 1000mm width) and specifications with additives such as colors, UV resistance, cling or high slip.

A centerpiece for our strategy towards transit packaging and load stability is the new Sigma Transit Packaging Solutions (TPS) Center. This facility, located in Karczew plant, together with the production of stretch film and plastic straps, allows us to reach the goal of adding further value to your packaging, safeguarding load stability and decreasing the total cost of ownership.

Sigma TPS Center focuses on load stability to ensure a safe pallet during transit, from your production site to the final destination, eliminating damaged goods during transit.

A complete services offer is available, including:

PACKAGING MATERIALS EVALUATION - Stretch Film Sample Evaluation.

STABILITY TESTING - Testing of a single SKU type at 0.5g, 0.8g or investigation of max acceleration value.

ON-SITE PACKAGING OPTIMIZATION - On-Site Packaging Materials Optimization and verification of stability in Sigma TPS Center.

STABILITY OPTIMIZATION PROJECT - Load stability and consumption optimization complete project.

It is part of our policy that all of our employees follow quality, environmental, health & safety standards and CSR principles and guidelines.


Please contact our Customer Service departments for more information about our Products & Services: contact.website@sigmaplastics.eu


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Our Field Sales Engineers are available to visit you on-site for a free Packaging Review, which will allow for optimization of your costs and improvement of pallet stability.


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